Clever, witty and funny.

Jack Venturo
Moviegod Productions Entertainment Ltd.
Hollywood, CA

This certainly is a most interesting and well-presented series.

Lorne Freed
Director of Programming & Operations
CTS Ontario, Canada

Because each of the 10 CINEDICTUM films are fresh and original, from concept to finish, Imaginites believes these unique and sensitive films will find a place in the hearts of viewers everywhere. We are very proud of the work of this fine director.

Anne Maryfield
Acquisitions and Distribution
Applecross, WA - Australia
See full text at:

Having reviewed the tape, I have great respect for your artistic style. I believe that you are on to something with these creative little short movies. Your casting choices are reminiscent to me of the Cohen Brothers. Keep up the good work.

Marvin E. Pedigo, Pres.
"Actors Studio"

Mt. Jackson, Virginia

I really enjoyed the films. Excellent!
The production value is really impressive, both the visualization and the audio. Some wonderful character direction and your casting is excellent, especially the older folks. Then again, Eastern block filmmakers have always had such a delicate touch.
Well done again!

Brent Quinn
Recent Chairman for
The South African Script Writers Association
Currently the President
Quintet Productions
Johannesburg, South Africa

These are wonderful and innovative short films in the Micro shorts genre, using sound, space, and movement as a way of communicating their message.

John Wojowski
Festival Director
Manchester, United Kingdom

A delightful potpourri of humor and telling silences.
We enjoyed each one, very good (& funny, too.)

Patty Mooney
COO, Writer
San Diego, CA

Cinedictum as a concept is quite interesting. Each cinedictum is a simple vignette that reminds me of filler you might see between programs on MTV or Comedy Central. Except where MTV might show an outrageous Denis Leary or highly stylized animated cartoon, Karimov would show a very simple slice of life, without violence, explicit sexual references, or offensive language. Cinedictum definitely has it's own unique style.

Dogpile columnist, filmmaker and film critic
Cincinnati, OH
See full text at:

These are truly thought provoking micro comedy films, which bring a smile to comedy lovers from all over the world. Thank you for such wonderful films, the audience loved them all.
I think your films add a very human touch to the festival, and many people said they have a very special warm touch to the films. It's an honor to have them in Giggleshorts.

Geo Pal
Festival Director
Giggleshorts International Comedy Film Festival
Toronto, Canada

I really enjoyed them. You understand well one of the most important elements of short film production - keep them short! - Brevity is the soul of wit. The films are also some of the cleanest of I have seen - solid production value that allows one to focus on the story.
Also, I really enjoyed seeing the many cultural groups found in Central Asia. Watching your films was like a montage of Central Asia experience.

Benjamin Reneker
Monterey, CA

The group of writers who frequent the Script Nurse Screenwriter's Conference Center could take on as a project the writing of one such spec script as a learning exercise. I have found it to be very hard to write in such time constraints. I also believe it is a very good exercise in learning to write concise scenes with not a word or moment wasted. You, my friend, have taken that into the next dimension!

Don Bledsoe
Runner of the Script Nurse Screenwriter's Conference Center
Long Beach, CA

I saw your comedy shorts at the GiggleShorts Film Festival in Toronto. A funny and clever collection of comedy shorts. Very enjoyable. "The Rival" was particularly memorable. I wish you all the best.

David Cusimano
Website designer - Festival visitor Corporation
Toronto, Canada

We have viewed these programs and enjoyed them very much. We would like to proceed to the next step of our evaluation process… I thought they were well done and funny and I especially like the fact that they were filmed in Uzbekistan.

Kristin Loudis
Executive Producer
BOB: Brief Original Broadcasts
Littleton, CO

We very much look forward to exhibiting and distributing your work through Independent Exposure and Microcinema International.

Joel S. Bachar
Curator, Co-Founder
Microcinema International
San Francisco, CA

Cinedicta is an excellent collection of shorts… You work is fabulous and we screened it on a Public Access 30 minute special on cable here in Atlanta in March of 2003. We also screened it during Indie Cinema Night in February 2003. We're looking to see more from you.

Cheryle Reynolds
Atlanta Urban Mediamakers
Atlanta, Georgia

We are intrigued by your concept and are interested in showing your films at our next YardFLix
We just previewed your films - they are great!!! Very professional and well-done. Good work - you are very talented!

Jami Anderson
AIGA Programming Chair
Nashville, TN

They are definitely very nice for intermissions on broadcast stations.

Ingolo wa Keya
Ace Communications Ltd.
Nairobi, Kenya

All of Shavkat's films convey scenes of the everyday human condition with insightful twists and humor that life often unexpectedly throws our way. Done mostly without dialog, these witty films say so much with the language we all understand as humans. His unique approach to short story telling along with his ability for high quality filmmaking has made us at Blip TV proud to have his work as part of our programming. We thank you Shavkat, for sharing with us your vision and talent.

Paula Montondo/Tiny Caldwell
Liquid Dano Productions and Blip TV
Nashville, TN

Dear Shavkat, I think that you are on an interesting way: the idea of making short films like candies which can be introduces in any TV programme is a very good one. The project is good and we would be interested to see the further development of what you started.

Stefan Kaspar
General Manager
Casablanca Latinfilms
Production & Distribution
Lima, Peru

I liked them very much. On the strength of Cinedictums I'll always be very interested to see anything else you make. I sincerely enjoyed watching them.

Simon Young
Head of Film Sales & Acquisitions
London, UK

Your films are very nice.

Emma Edwards
Information Manager
Screen South
Folkestone Enterprise Centre
Kent, England, UK

I found that those films are very interesting and well done. We believe that your talent will succeed near future and we look forward it too.

Yukie Koga
GAGA communications Inc.
Tokyo, Japan

We really enjoyed the stories and the strong production value.

Carol Crowe
Maryrose McMahon
Directors of Acquisitions
Apollo Cinema
Los Angeles, CA

I was quite impressed with your films. They made me laugh as well as think. They entertained yet were simple concepts.

Brad Fox
Vice President
Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions
Chicago, IL

Your work is wonderful. We want it all for our festival.

Terry Coles
Maple Lake Releasing
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

These are very short stories, which explain themselves, without language, on the human condition. I find the short format very interesting and these stories are beautifully done and easily available to markets.

Jerome Poynton
Swiss Effects - New York
New York, NY

They were amusing and very well done technically.

Donna Strader
Malamute Entertainment, Inc. The Dog Pile
Houston, TX

Your films sound MOST interesting. I can see that you went to great effort to create these shorts. They all sound wonderful with amazing production value!
Very funny stuff! I loved it actually

GET SHORTY Film Showcase & Tour 2002
New York, NY

They are excellent.

Philip T. Knowles
Trinity Home Entertainment, LLC.
Westlake Village, CA

Je l'ai trouvee tres interressante sur le plan des histoires, de la realisation et de la presentation.
(I have found them very interesting from the story, directing and presentation points.)

Sara Production
Lome, Togo

They are wonderful pieces.

Jean-Paul Ouellette
Brookline, MA

Your shorts seem to be easily accessible by audiences.

Georgina Smith
"Tasteful TV" BRAVO TV cable channel
London, England, United Kingdom

I really liked your movies. They were very well crafted and put together. I showed some friends and they liked them too. They were hilarious!! I would really like to showcase the movie you sent me in the Charles Video Online Theaters. Hey its been fun having your movie on the website. The number of views is really good. Thanks!

Charles Peterson
Cool Wave Pictures
Glendale, AZ

I found them very amusing. Good piece of work.

Andy Wood
Subsurface Distribution
Middleton, MA

I enjoyed most of them. They were rather refreshing.

David Russell
Big Film Shorts
Burbank, CA

I did enjoy the productions. Some of them are quite pointed. :-)

Stacey Schaller
Schaller Studios
Greenville, SC

I think they are interesting. Some of them are very informative and educative.

Charlie Kim
Y.S Health Corp.
Norwalk, CA

I screened your short films with my children. They are well made. They have far more in common with the work of Chaplin and the silent film than with contemporary works. Congratulations on your well-done works.

Mitchell Block
Direct Cinema Ltd.
Santa Monica, CA

I watched your tape and found it enjoyable, funny and well made. I particularly liked the one with the men tap dancing.

Scott Stark
San Francisco, CA

I really liked your films. I think you are very talented. My favorites were "Bad idea", "Hurly-Burly", & "Overdone".

Rene Alberta
Promotions Dept./Producer
Moxie Films
New York, NY

We enjoyed the films very much. They are funny, cute and wise at the same time.

Lone Moerch Schneider
San Francisco, CA

Cinedictums are highly unique and very well done. I think there should be Cinedictum festivals! I really like the one about laughter. I had a lot of fun watching them. They are such a great idea-I could really see something spreading like wildfire with your Cinedictums!

Anna Darrah
Director of Acquisitions
Spiritual Cinema Circle
Santa Fe, NM

Good job. I hope to be involved.

Spiff Liffkin
Denver, CO

The sales techniques you used were very, very good. You have an excellent sense of marketing. We wish you great success in your project, and hope you really make a difference out there. We think you have the right ideas for today (the requirement for some moral perspective, combined with a three-minute attention span) for our young people.

Hollywood, CA

Your works, "Temperaments" and "Step dance genesis" get applause between all of executive committee members.

Yumiko Sanada
SantaFe exective committee
Tokyo, Japan

I like the films, especially the first ones to appear on the reel. It's good work.

Beau Buck
Executive Producer, WSFF
BigDigit, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

I reviewed the tape with the show's hosts yesterday. We all agree that you have produced some delightful shorts.

Kal Deutsch
TVvillage Indie Spotlight
On Cable 29 San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Very good stuff you did. It's good. Your wording in letters and film making abilities will make your future secure, that I am sure.

Fred M Davis
Studio City, CA

Very entertaining. We really enjoyed watching your new programs.

Sylvester Caraway Jr.
IFVAP, Creative Director
Independent Film, Video & Animation Publishing Company
Brisbane, Australia

I loved your films! They are perfect for the show. "Step Dance" was hysterical.

Patrick Borelli
A Producer of
"Video Power Hour"
Brooklyn and Manhattan Cable
New York, NY

Cinedictum is a great idea and is revolutionary in size. I applauded so far.

Tim Ross

Shavkat's films tickle the hearts of his viewers. His filmmaking style adds an interesting flare that is sure to cross-over Internationally including the Americas.

Shavar M. Ross
Tri-Seven Entertainment
Lancaster, CA

Your material is excellent.

Terry Robinson
Terry Robinson Enterprises, Chairman
Robinson/Nave Entertainment, President
Beverly Hills, CA

I liked it very much...

Dave "Smooze" Szymusiak
The Dream Depot
Kilbourne, OH

We liked your work. What rights are available? And what kind of distribution contract you are looking for?

Elina Urrila
Mediateam Distribution RUF Lda
Penafiel, Portugal

I viewed your films and enjoyed them a lot. I found them charming and amusing.

Neil Biggin
VP Acquisitions
CineClix Distribution
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Groundbreaking idea films! This is indeed something new and unique in the art of films. I could never imagine that something as conceptually solid and commercially powerful as CINEDICTUM could ever be created today, when it seemed that everything has been already created. It's not only a new concept, but also a new film art form and a new film genre. I predict a huge both commercial and artistic success to this original project.

Vladimir Shturman
Independent Producer
Moscow, Russia

I saw the tapes, they were very well produced. Very funny! I love how you tell a story without dialogue. I hope you keep making these films.

Aaron Turner
Blacklite New Media
Antioch, CA

I believe that this would be good material for many regions to help us get started. It requires no translation, is family friendly and fits well into almost any schedule as the individual items are short and can be used a good fillers.

Brian Kelley
President and Owner
New Life Network, Inc.
Auggen, Germany