Latest News:

Cinedictum films are featuring at the prestigious "Emirates Film Competition" in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Check it out: Shavkat Karimov Cinedictum 1 Cinedictum 2

Huge News:

I have received a GREEN CARD as "Extraordinary Alien" (EB-1A Category) from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This is huge! Meet me in Hollywood!

My own professional work, an original book titled: "Short Films Wanted!" is finally released and is going to the major bookstores across America! If you want to get it by a discounted price, drop me a line.

Latest News:

I am very honored to be part of the wonderful international film project called: "A Moment on Earth"! See details of the Project at:
Satellite Films
The Project goes public this year! So, keep your eyes open for it! "A Moment on Earth" is indeed SOMETHING worth your attention! Because it's about You - whoever you are and whereever you are!

I was interviewed by one of the most respected international art magazines online: "Artists Without Frontiers". Read the interview here:
"AWF" Magazine

A Tashkent office of the prestigious magazine: "Time Out" has published an article about me and Cinedictum. You can read it here:
"Time Out"

I was given an "Exceptional Creativity Award" by the Creative Professionals Association of Uzbekistan in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 2005 for excellent creative abilities and great potential in the field of Films. Look how happy I am: :)

Super News:

Three of our films will be shown on one of the major TV networks in the United States: PBS - this Fall, 2004!

This is thanks to the wonderful TV program "The Short List" which features the best short films from all around the world. They licensed 3 of our Cinedictums:

"Hurly Burly" is in the opening show of the new group of 13 (show 701), "Step Dance" is in Show 706, and "Rival" is in show 711.

If you want to watch them, please check with your local PBS station on when they will show "The Short List" shows: 701, 706, and 711.

In Virginia, the films will be shown on WNVT and WNVC. It will also air on the D.C. channel.

Generally, they will be shown all across the US on hundreds of PBS-affiliated TV channels, and even in Canada ("Movieola" TV channel.) So, this is big!

Great News:

Finally! Cinedictum is listed at IMDB!!! We are very glad about this! Check it out: CINEDICTUM at IMDB Please, vote for us once you are there. If you have seen our films - please, write a review. You would need to register if you are not a member, but it will take you only a couple of minutes. Thanks!


Cinedictum Project was thoroughly described on the well-known Italian daily radio show on RAI Radio Due (channel two of the national radio braoadcast, aired daily around 8.30 pm) "dISPENSER". The have created an amazing 5-minute program introducing the idea of Cinedictum to Italian listeners. Check it out:


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Best Producer (greatest production value).......Shavkat Karimov (Cinedictum) - Uzbekistan
This AWARD has been received at the "Giggleshorts" International Comedy Short Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.
To find out more: go to - and find the awards page (at the bottom).

The Dogpile has welcomed our article on Cinedictum and reviewed our films:
Cinedictum. What is it you ask? Shavkat Karimov, the creator, calls it a witty child, conceived in love by philosophy and art. To fully understand, you really have to see one for yourself, and that's precisely what Dog Pile columnist Joe Catoe has done. So don't be afraid, dive right into a self-interview with Shavkat Karimov as he discusses all things cinedictum, and then find out what Joe Catoe has to say about the whole phenomena in his cinedictum review.

We are proud to announce that on June 27, 2002 Shavkat Karimov was issued a registration certificate from the US Copyright Office for all 10 Cinedictums. A copy of this certificate is available upon request.