Cinedictum is an independent cine-philosophical genre. The genius of cinedictum is the same as that of aphorism in literature, but in cinematography. It is a short dictum stated in a figurative style by the film medium.
In short, Cinedictum is a form of film-aphorism. It is a very short film whose concise narrative holds both moral and entertainment value, while addressing universal themes.


1. Cinedictums are very short films with no language barrier (they are silent), they can be understood anywhere in the world - they have got "a biggest audience ever";
2. Cinedictums have philosophical contents (as aphorisms or quotations in literature) - they are "portions of wisdom"; Cinedictums will never get old as they are made in classic style;
3. Cinedictums are very short and don't take much time - "viewers will always watch until the end"; :-)
4. Cinedictums are very funny and interesting movies - they are "very entertaining";
5. Cinedictums, like aphorisms in literature, have very strong attraction. This occurs because ideas are expressed in bright form with precision - "strong attraction and impression on viewers";
6. There are no guns, murders, sex, drugs or cruel fights in these films - they are "violence-free";
7. Cinedictums are kind and humane - "they benefit society"; Cinedictums are independent. No one tells us what kind of films to create, or how to do it. We are independent and we are proud of it.
8. Films are transnational and transcultural; People from all countries and cultures, from any social groups will easily understand and relate to them as they discover very common themes - "universality";
9. Because they are so short (up to 3 minutes) - they can be shown anywhere: from big screens to cell phones - "greatest exposure opportunities";
10. Cinedictums have moral, entertaining, treating, educating, and advertising functions - "they solve several problems simultaneously".
Be part of our success.


Our established worldwide distribution network includes such well-known companies as:

Big Film Shorts, Burbank, CA, USA;
Imaginites Limited, Applecross, WA Australia;
New Life Network, Auggen, Germany;
Digital Media Strategies, LLC, Seattle, WA, USA.


Our films are shown at many showcases and venues of the world, including numerous TV channels, airplanes and international film festivals all over the world. Our films are also streaming on the Internet; they are shown and can be shown at airports; hotels; supermarkets; big screens, and cell phones worldwide (please, see "Use of Films" section for details).
Cinedictums were and are currently shown at the following venues and showcases: GIGGLESHORTS INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL, Toronto, Ont. Canada; ATLANTA URBAN MEDIAMAKERS, Atlanta, Georgia; YardFLix, Nashville, TN; GET SHORTY FILM SHOWCASE & TOUR 2002, New York, NY; KINOFILM - Manchester's International Short Film Festival and HULL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Manchester, United Kingdom; CHRYSLER MILLION DOLLAR FILM FESTIVAL 2003 and Hypnotic, Santa Monica, CA; TVvillage Indie Spotlight on Cable 29, San Francisco, CA; DV LOUNGE, New York, NY; The Family Station, Lancaster, CA; SantaFe 2003 Short Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan; and others.


Mobile and very experienced production crew has been formed especially for producing Cinedictums: 27 professionals - greatest film specialists - they have experiences from 25 to 40(!) years of working in the films. They have made a lot of films. Many of them are award winning film pros and some are big names in Uzbekistan. However, we have young people too in the crew. They are also experienced and quite talented. We work in a very engaging environment. All names and titles can be found here: http://www.cinedictum.com/index.php?cat=film_unit Plus me: award-winning producer, director, and writer, the author of the Cinedictum Project - Shavkat Karimov ;-).


We are looking for film buyers, TV and other acquisition executives, distributors, sales agents and everyone else who want to acquire or sell our films worldwide-for mutually beneficial cooperation.

You also have an opportunity to become our partner/investor on the Cinedictum project, which is very strong and growing. It has a great future because it is unique. And it is unique because there is no such a thing in the world today.
We welcome financiers, grant makers, investors, advertisers, and co-producers to join us. You can invest in our films, sponsor them, place your products in our films or co-produce them together with us. We would be happy to accept your grants of any sort.
Or you can simply buy our films for yourself or for your company.

Cinedictum is a witty child, conceived in love by Philosophy and Art. From Philosophy it has a manner to ask, and from Art - a manner to answer.

Yours faithfully,
Shavkat Karimov