Allow me to introduce you the newest film form - Cinedictum.

Cinedictum is an independent cine-philosophical genre. The genius of cinedictum is the same as that of aphorism in literature, but in cinematography. It is a short dictum stated in a figurative style by the film medium. Cinedictum belongs to the genre, even to the micro genre, in which conciseness is realized to the highest degree. However, behind its content there is an idea, an association, and a concept that gives impetus to thought. Cinedictum could be compared to an iceberg. You see only the tip of it while the majority is hidden under water.

In brief, cinedictum is a film-aphorism. It is a short, up to 3-minute film with strong attraction, which has two main functions: moral and entertaining. Films are transnational; they are simultaneously unique and universal. People from all countries and cultures will easily understand and relate to them.

We have the pleasure of presenting to you these "groundbreaking idea films" (as one of our buyers has called them). Today we offer the first package consisting of 10 cinedicta (cinedictums), and because of the considerable, instant public interest in these brand new movies, we plan to create many more cinedictums in the future.

As cinedictums became very popular among distributors and buyers even before its public introduction, we cannot grant any company the exclusive distribution rights of these films. Thus, we will be able to cover more territories, find more buyers, accept more offers from distribution companies, as well as to sell cinedictums ourselves. Exclusive rights for certain territories or venues are available with upfront payments only.

Cinedictums can be aired on television either in addition to other programming (various lead-ins, part of programs, infomercials, promos, visuals, fillers alongside commercials before and after TV programs, and co-features) or independently, as a compilation of cinedictums made available to air together. They are also available to be shown during flights and in the waiting areas of airports and hotels.

We welcome distributors, film buyers, TV stations, airlines, hotels, video wholesalers, and everyone else for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Note that we are offering these superior movies at very competitive prices.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in cinedictums, so that we can take immediate action to send you our VHS screener. Don't forget to tell us a little bit about your company and your ideas for utilizing cinedictum.

We are working on the next series of cinedictums right now and we invite all financiers, co-producers, investors, distributors, and foundations for collaboration with us on Cinedictum.

Cinedictum has a distinctive excellence: viewers will always watch till the end.

Save your time - watch cinedictums!

Cinedictum is a witty child, conceived in love by Philosophy and Art. From Philosophy it has a manner to ask, and from Art - a manner to answer.

Thank you in advance for your time and kind attention to this letter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information.

Yours faithfully,
Shavkat Karimov

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