The first year is now in the past for Cinedictum. We achieved great results during this year. We are a very young company and proud to become world's best source for unique and universal short films - Cinedictums. Here are our achievements so far:


We have built a unique story-telling approach (as one of the reviewers called it: "talking silences") - an ability to tell an interesting story in such a short time (up to 3 minutes) with not a word or moment wasted.

The Cinedictum Theory is finally put together; some elements are still developing though.

The database of approximately 1500 scripts for such very short films (Cinedictums) is created. We still add more stories to the database. They certainly must be classified, translated, and formed into the director's scripts (storyboards.) But the material base is already huge.


The "Production scheme" for Cinedictums is totally investigated and ready to use.

Mobile and experienced production crew formed especially for producing Cinedictum films. Award-winning producer/director/writer, Shavkat Karimov is attached. One of the biggest studios in the former Soviet Union, "Uzbekfilm" is hired for our production.

Also we have arranged 2 more databases: a large "Actors" database and "Greatest shooting locations of Uzbekistan" database.
"Actors" database: Anthropologically, you can find any ethnic "face" here. All actors in our database are either professionals or models.
"Greatest shooting locations of Uzbekistan" database contains access to lots of interesting and some never seen before filming locations. See few of them at:

We achieved the lowest production costs for our Cinedictums. Actually, the film production in Uzbekistan is very cheap in compare with USA or, actually, any other country - and it is still of the world's best quality; To find out more about the production opportunities, please go to: The production costs are low also because of our unique "Production scheme" for Cinedictums.

First 20 Cinedictums are produced and are of very high quality, both creative and technical. Cinedictum-films meet all international film and TV standards' requirements.

They are filmed on 35mm Kodak film and available on Beta SP videotape (PAL and NTSC), DigiBeta, DVD, Mini DV, VHS and other formats. The films have all clearances and rights for commercial distribution; we have received a copyright certificate from the US Copyright Office.

Films: Cinedictum-1: "Bad Idea" (2 min. 11 sec.); "Step Dance" (1 min. 54 sec.); "Hurly-Burly" (1 min. 49 sec.); "Chain Reaction" (1 min. 48 sec.); "Rival" (2 min. 05 sec.); "Taboo" (1 min. 36 sec.); "Be Careful!" (1 min. 36 sec.); "Overdone" (1 min. 31 sec.); "Don Juan" (2 min. 41 sec.); "Temperaments" (2 min. 43 sec.) Total running time: 20 minutes without end credits. Cinedictum-2: "The Wine of Love" (2 min. 09 sec.); "Banking Operation" (1 min. 49 sec.); "Daddy with Baby" (2 min. 10 sec.); "Full Circle" (1 min. 35 sec.); "Comedian" (1 min. 40 sec.); "Bureaucrat" (2 min. 39 sec.); "The Image" (1 min. 56 sec.); "Dialogue" (2 min.); "The Actor" (1 min. 46 sec.); "Found Guilty!" (1 min. 56 sec.) Total running time: 21 min. 33 sec. without end credits. Each CINEDICTUM is fresh and original from beginning to end. The films feature big names of the Uzbek film industry; superior actors (72 main characters, more than 150 of extras) and a superior crew (28 permanent crew members.) Music was written for each film with a careful personal approach to its content. These are not low-budget films. They are recognized all over the world. Find more below.



Cinedictum films have received a good number of (more than 40) great reviews from film experts and industry professionals from around the globe: Australia, Canada, Japan, Kenya, Peru, South Africa, Togo, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, and USA: (Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and California: Burbank, Hollywood, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Monterey, Norwalk, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Westlake Village.) See all reviews at:


We have established a worldwide distribution network. Our official worldwide distributors are such big names in short film distribution as: BIG FILM SHORTS, Burbank, CA; IMAGINITES, Applecross, WA, Australia; NEW LIFE NETWORK, Auggen, Germany; and Digital Media Strategies, LLC, Seattle, WA.


Cinedictums were and are currently shown at following venues and showcases: GIGGLESHORTS INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL, Toronto, Ont. Canada; ATLANTA URBAN MEDIAMAKERS, Atlanta, Georgia; YardFLix, Nashville, TN; GET SHORTY FILM SHOWCASE & TOUR 2002, New York, NY; KINOFILM - Manchester's International Short Film Festival and HULL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Manchester, United Kingdom; CHRYSLER MILLION DOLLAR FILM FESTIVAL 2003 and Hypnotic, Santa Monica, CA; TVvillage Indie Spotlight on Cable 29, San Francisco, CA; DV LOUNGE, New York, NY; The Family Station, Lancaster, CA; SantaFe 2003 Short Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan; and others.

This year we joined our forces with: MOVIEGOD PRODUCTIONS ENTERTAINMENT LTD., Hollywood, CA; LIQUID DANO PRODUCTIONS and BLIP TV, Nashville, TN; THE DOG PILE Malamute Entertainment, Inc., Houston, TX; EAGLE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, St. Petersburg, FL; NEW AMERICAN FILM DISTRIBUTORS, INC., Brookline, MA; NEW & UNIQUE VIDEOS, San Diego, CA; SWISS EFFECTS, New York, NY; IDEAGARDEN, San Francisco, CA; SCHALLER STUDIOS, Greenville SC; ALPHA IMPRESSIONS-2155, The Hollywood Train, Mt. Jackson, VA; DREAM MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT OVERSEAS LTD, Kowloon, Hong Kong; Rochelle Jefferson-Independent Producer, Diamond Bar, CA; The South African Script Writers Association and QUINTET PRODUCTIONS, Johannesburg, South Africa; SCREEN SOUTH, England, United Kingdom; TRI-SEVEN ENTERTAINMENT, Lancaster, CA.

Latest negotiations:

We are currently working with: INTERNATIONAL CHANNEL, Littleton, CO; BOB: Brief Original Broadcasts, Littleton, CO; MOXIE FILMS - Moxie Shorts, New York, NY; WORLDWIDE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; ALLEY FILMS, LLC, Washington, DC; TAMPERE FILM FESTIVAL, Tampere, Finland; FILM COUNCIL, New Cinema Fund Regional Office, Shorts, England, United Kingdom; 2003 Starving Artists Awards and "Sensored", Nashville, TN; WORLD'S SMALLEST FILM FESTIVAL, BigDigit, Inc., Los Angeles, CA; "Tres d'Esprit" Short Film Festival, Gentilly, France; and others.

Please find all additional information about our distributors, showcases, and partners at:


Shavkat Karimov (a creator of the Cinedictum project) was issued a registration certificate from the US Copyright Office for all 10 Cinedictums on June 27, 2002.

The Dogpile (popular online movie magazine by Malamute Entertainment, Inc., Houston, TX, which is located at: has welcomed our article on Cinedictum and reviewed our films. Read it at:

Shavkat Karimov has been awarded a Best Producer (greatest production value) award at the "Giggleshorts" International Comedy Short Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, 2002 for Cinedictums. To find out more: go to - and find the awards page (at the bottom.) Or simply click here:

Reelmind (one of the world's largest online film communities located at: has interviewed Shavkat Karimov, the creator of Cinedictum about his new creation. See it soon on their website.

"Script Nurse" Screenwriter's Conference Center (USA) uses our Cinedictum scripts requirements as a learning exercise for their new screenwriters.

Shavkat Karimov had another phone interview for the "TVvillage Indie Spotlight" on Cable 29 of San Francisco, CA; the interview appeared on their channel together with the movies this year.

Our films are presented at several big-event film and TV markets as: American Film Market, 2003 and Asian Film & Television Market, 2003.

We have arranged several big and many small sale deals so far. Deals are made in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and in some NIS countries. Cinedictums are becoming commercially more and more popular within every month.

One of the today's most ambitious and prosperous TV shows: "Mind Ignite TV Series" pre-selected 2 of our films for them. The show will begin airing in the USA late 2003, and then air in 23 countries following that.

There were 1300 entries submitted from around the world to the "KINOFILM" - Manchester's International Short Film Festival - the biggest Short Film Festival in the United Kingdom. Only 250 films were selected, 4 of them are our Cinedictums!

Moreover, ReelMind is about to begin distributing films on to mobile telephones and PDA computers. They have included our Cinedictum movies in this mobile archive. The films will be distributed to the mobile phones and PDA devices through their partner company called, Mazingo.

There are only 2 Film Festivals especially designed to showcase the video content and technology that will be viewable on the next generation of mobile phones. One in Europe (TAMPERE FILM FESTIVAL in Tampere, Finland) and one in America (WORLD'S SMALLEST FILM FESTIVAL, BigDigit, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA.) We are participating in both of them.

One of our films ("Don Juan") is in the highly ranked film program called: "Independent Exposure - Love and Other Difficulties" presented by Microcinema International. This program is scheduled for February 2nd at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, CA; February 5th in Seattle, WA as part of the Reel Noise event; February 13th in Santa Barbara, CA as part of the Cinema Obscura Program; February 18th at the Green Bean Cafe in Greensboro, NC; February 24th at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco; and February 28th at the Firestation #3 in Houston, TX.

Another Cinedictum, called "Step Dance" got to the semi-finals at SantaFe 2003 Short Film Festival in Tokyo, Japan.

Shavkat Karimov is a nominee for the "2003 Starvy Award", Nashville, TN.

Our website is listed in all the major Internet search engines, Film, TV and Media industries' largest web-portals, cross-linked with many popular film websites, reviewed and mentioned in many other places online that we find out about every week by ourselves. Just type in a word: "cinedictum" and see the results. All you will find out-is only about our films and us. This word is a new word in cinema indeed.

We are receiving many letters with very pleasant words and compliments for our concept, our films, our website, our company, and our people from all around the world. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


This all is just a beginning. We are to establish a strong Cinedictum brand name all over the world.

We welcome financiers, grant makers, investors, advertisers, co-producers, and everyone else for mutually beneficial cooperation.

You can invest in our films, sponsor them, place your products in our films, or co-produce them together with us. We would be happy to accept your grants of any sort too.

We also welcome distributors, film buyers, TV stations and channels, airlines, hotels, video wholesalers, and others for collaboration and joining our forces on promoting and distributing Cinedictum worldwide.


So, stay tuned!

Shavkat Karimov

Cinedictum - A New Word in Cinema!