Filming in Uzbekistan


I made a little research while living in the United States and it's turned out that a normal independent feature movie would cost 4 times cheaper if produced in Uzbekistan in compare with producing it in the US. Yes, even if you bring in your main actors and crew (and possibly some equipment, if needed). The quality is still very high, both technical and creative. It's actually can be done like a big-budget movie shot on 35-mm film with thousands of people in it, for comparably little money. The same situation applies not only to the USA, but also to Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

The story might be something that can be filmed in Uzbekistan (like Adventures of American guy/girl/guys in Uzbekistan/another planet/fairy-tale place or wherever else; or a fantasy; or oriental; or medieval movie; or anything else that can be shot totally or partially in my country.) Actually, you can make absolutely any kind of film in Uzbekistan. There are all possible geographic locations and also people of any ethnic appearance.

Right now I am looking for Foreign (American, European, Canadian, Australian, etc.) Producer or a Production Company (with finances), who could be interested in my opportunities. I am also willing to finance the project partially by myself (if I like it).

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I also uploaded some locations photos to give you a brief idea about it. See them at:


1. High quality at low prices for everything! Price matters.
2. Great opportunities for shooting historical (ancient architecture, costumes, etc.) and fantastic (unpopulated open spaces, landscapes, etc.) films;
3. Awe-inspiring nature throughout the year;
4. New names, new faces, new people;
5. A world of new experience and sensations;
6. People of attractive and distinctive appearances (representatives from many ethnicities);
7. Thousands of years of undiscovered rich culture;
8. Opportunity to shoot in a variety of distinct, magnificent locations. Uzbekistan has a unique natural national park, endless, dry deserts, beautiful steppes, majestic mountains, calm and raging rivers, boundless lakes, alluring valleys, vast forests, ancient and modern villages and cities;
9. An impressive cavalry can be easily created;
10. "Discovery-well" of new ideas, NEW STORIES, and new problem solving tools and methods;
11. Knowledge of English by many people;
12. Absolutely new MUSIC which is quite unfamiliar to the western world;
13. New symbols, ornaments, and styles;
14. Masterpieces of architecture, treasures of painting, five-star works of art;
15. Undiscovered national dances and costumes;
16. Unusual modern situations and ancient legends, national literary heroes and hero prototypes, and other distinctive original Uzbek characters;
17. Exchange of experience in moviemaking; Uzbekistan is more than 75 years in filmmaking;
18. The huge studio-base "UZBEKFILM" with highly skilled experts, pros, actors, and up-to-date equipment; It's one of the biggest film studios in the former Soviet Union;
and more...


I have here a mobile and very experienced production crew: 27 professionals - greatest film specialists - they have experiences from 25 to 40(!) years of working in the films. They have made a lot of films. Many of them are award winning film pros and some are big names in Uzbekistan. However, we have young people too in the crew. They are also experienced and quite talented. We work in a very engaging environment. All names and titles can be found here:
Of course, you can bring in your main crew and cast and I'll help you with flights, accommodations, security, working conditions, and fun.


It is safe for Americans and any other nations to come to Uzbekistan, as there are American forces in the country (Uzbekistan helped USA to fight against "Al-Qayeda" and let to use its territory for bases for American forces.). Uzbekistan is a beautiful and warm country. We, Uzbeks, respect all (more than hundred) nations living in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a multinational country and it has always been and is a friendly and peaceful country. It is also very beautiful. Uzbeks are the most hospitable people in the world, that's for sure.


1. Adventures of American guy (girl/guys) in Uzbekistan;
2. Adventures of American guy (girl/guys) on another planet;
3. Adventures of American guy (girl/guys) in a fairy-tale place or wherever else;
4. A total fantasy story;
5. A silent story (with minimum of dialogues);
6. Oriental or medieval movie;
7. Historical film (must be somewhat related to the region and can be shot with thousands of people, huge battles, etc.);
8. "Indiana Jones" kind of film;
9. Modern political film about Afghanistan issues;
10. Or anything else that can be shot totally or partially in my country.


Don't forget the savings you will see in your movie's budget!
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