TV Networks; pay-per-view; syndicated; cable; satellite; non-for-profit; and other TV stations and TV broadcasters
Cinedictums can be demonstrated either as addition to something (different sorts of lead-ins, parts of any programs, infomercials, promos, visuals, fillers alongside commercials before and after TV programs, and co-features) or independently, as a program of separate batch of Cinedictums - compilations of Cinedictums made available to air together. Also, to fill in the gaps between programs
Airlines and Railway companies, also Ferries (with TV inside)
Cinedictums can be used for in-flight (or in-road) demonstrations (especially for short-time airways and roadways)
Hotels; Trading centers and supermarkets; Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey and other STADIUMS; and AirportsFor demonstrations in waiting areas
Big Screens on the streets of major world capitals; Prisons; Kinder Gardens; Museums; Galleries; Night clubs; and Military basesFor public demonstrations there
Home video wholesalers; home video "sell through" distributors; retailersVideocassettes, video CD-ROMs, and DVDs selling
Internet websites offering such films, pay-per-view Internet portalsFor pay-per-view demonstrations, and for distributing them across the web
Cell phonesFor showing the films when a caller is placed on hold in cell phones
Movie theatersFor theatrical distribution as short co-features - film-previews or as a compilation of shorts
Universities; Schools; other educational institutionsAs educational materials and entertainment
Medical institutions (hospitals and others)
For psychological and other treatment by story-method - entertaining, drawing away patient's attention from illness, working with his sub consciousness simultaneously. Super therapy
Advertisers - all sorts of (state bodies, commercial companies, individuals, non-for-profits)As story-commercials (products and services placements, brands, ideas, social and religious morals, ideologies, self-expressions (of privates) and etc.)
Rich peopleFor private collection - to amuse friends and guests making public demonstrations
Film schoolsFor studying of making these films
  Not listed, but interested (others).
  Functions: entertaining, moral, advertising, treating, educating.