Cinedictum Films

A Big Project

"Shoot Your Movie in Uzbekistan!"

Uzbekistan offers more opportunities than any other country to make your vision a reality!

We offer you a unique opportunity to produce your movie in Uzbekistan, and we will represent your interests in this beautiful country. We will provide you with any support you need before, during and after your shooting in Uzbekistan. Particularly with:

  • Legal assistance in concluding major contracts, settling international legal issues, labor matters, and copyrights;
  • Creating favorable conditions for all (including large-scale) shootings in the territory of Uzbekistan;
  • Concluding contracts with the domestic companies and organizations whose services may be necessary during production;
  • Protecting copyrights and other rights for the film (as it is made in Uzbekistan);
  • Additional services to your film company will include: selecting a professional crew, actors and "extras", and shooting locations; solving of organizational problems and much more!

    Reasons “WHY”:

    1. High quality at unbelievably low prices for absolutely everything! Price matters.
    2. Great opportunities for shooting historical (ancient architecture, costumes, etc.) and fantastic (unpopulated open spaces, landscapes, etc.) films;
    3. Awe-inspiring nature throughout the year;
    4. New names, new faces, new people;
    5. A world of new experience and sensations;
    6. People of attractive and distinctive appearances (representatives from many ethnicities);
    7. Thousands of years of undiscovered rich culture;
    8. Opportunity to shoot in a variety of distinct, magnificent locations. Uzbekistan has a unique natural national park, endless, dry deserts, beautiful steppes, majestic mountains, calm and raging rivers, boundless lakes, alluring valleys, vast forests, ancient and modern villages and cities;
    9. Opportunity to organize an original advertising campaign;
    10. An impressive cavalry can be easily created;

    Additional BENEFITS:

    11. Protection of the author's and other rights of foreign manufacturers for films made in Uzbekistan;
    12. “Discovery-well” of new ideas, NEW STORIES, and new problem solving tools and methods;
    13. Knowledge of English by many people;
    14. Solving of any large-scale organizational and administrative problems (tasks);
    15. NEW MARKETING, PR TECHNOLOGIES (to promote your movie worldwide);
    16. Absolutely new MUSIC which is quite unfamiliar to the western world;
    17. New symbols, ornaments, and styles;
    18. Masterpieces of architecture, treasures of painting, five-star works of art;
    19. Undiscovered national dances and costumes;
    20. Unusual modern situations and ancient legends, national literary heroes and hero prototypes, and other distinctive original Uzbek characters;
    21. Exchange of experience in moviemaking;
    22. The huge studio-base “UZBEKFILM” and highly skilled experts, pros and actors;
    23. More.


    Uzbekistan has strong traditions in producing superior movies, which have won many prizes and awards all over the world.

    If you would like to know more about us, our films, opportunities for producing films in Uzbekistan, and the country – just visit Uzbekistan! We would be glad to give you a hospitable reception. We would also be happy to demonstrate to you our Studio with all its possibilities! And naturally, we would love to show you the country, its traditions, music, costumes, etc.

    Please note that we are offering our services at the most competitive prices in the WORLD!

    We are also able to provide foreign manufacturers with strategies for promoting their products to the market of Uzbekistan:
  • Development of an advertising campaign;
  • Production of commercials and infomercials for TV, Radio, Internet and other means of mass media;
  • Preparation of textual announcements for newspapers, magazines, posters, etc;
  • More.

    If you are interested in these services, we will be happy to provide you with additional information.

    Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in our products and services, so that we can take immediate action to work on a contract. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Don’t forget the savings you will see in your movie’s budget!

    The most talented people of the entire country will work for you!