Cinedictums have become very popular. We have many customers throughout the world.

A package of cinedictums includes 10 films. We have produced 2 packages so far (20 films.) You can receive them at your first request and watch them all.

Everyone will find them interesting and beneficial.

You will never forget it, even if you have seen it only once.

Prices for cinedictums are very competitive; we are not trying to make money on them. Our missions are: to entertain (entertaining function) and to make things better (moral function).

You can be top-rated; boost your ratings with cinedictum.

TV stations introduce new air time formats for Cinedictums on their channels.

A special discount is available for Universities and not-for-profit TV stations.

People love it. You will too.

Please note that production of CINEDICTUMS as well as any other movie in Uzbekistan is very inexpensive (this message is for co-producers).