Joint-Stock Association ("Uzbekfilm" JSA) - the leading film producing organization in Uzbekistan. A renowned film studio, providing you with fascinating shooting opportunities.

J-SA "Uzbekfilm" was used to shoot such films as Abu Raikhon Beruni, The Triptich, Adventures of Ali-baba and the 40 Thieves, The Youth of a Genius, Rope-walkers, The Revolt of the Daughters-in-law, The Naughty Boy, The Secret Journey of Emir and many others, which have entered the golden fund of national cinematography.

The "Uzbekfilm" Studio was founded in 1925. It has produced about 300 feature films, more than 1000 reels of non-fiction film, and about 150 cartoons (since 1967).

Each year "UZBEKFILM" produces: 6 full-length feature films, 40 documentaries, 6 short films, including children's movies and movie journals, and 6 reels of animation.

Today "Uzbekfilm" is able to provide services for 6 film units simultaneously.

The production base of J-SA "Uzbekfilm" includes:

  • Two pavilions with an area of 1200 sq. m. and 600 sq. m;
  • Shooting equipment consisting of Arriflex- and Convas-type cameras;
  • A sound-editing shop including three tone studios and a re-recording hall;
  • Costumes and props necessary for shooting both historical and modern films;
  • Cartoon association with staff experienced in animation and puppet cinema;
  • Lighting equipment;
  • Make-up shop;
  • Studio of cinema actors;
  • Database of all actors and crews throughout the country with detailed profiles;
  • TV association;
  • Film editing rooms;
  • Video editing rooms with modern equipment;
  • Dubbing studio (the best in the former Soviet Union);
  • Film processing shop with a planned capacity of 16 million meters a year.

    In recent years J-SA "Uzbekfilm" has executed orders for a number of foreign film companies. We have positive references from British filmmakers (Orlando), Moroccan (The Battle of Three Kings), Russian and French (The Line of Life), as well as Pakistani, Indian, and Turkish filmmakers. Joint work with Japanese filmmakers has just been completed.

    J-SA "Uzbekfilm" invites you for mutually beneficial cooperation.